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Chromatic Music Playing Cards

Chromatic Music Playing Cards and How to Play Guide $8.99  

A complete set of playing cards designed to help you learn the basics of music. On each card the numbers and jack-queen-king have been replaced with the 12 musical tones (E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, etc.). This lets you play musical versions of familiar games like War, Go Fish for 7th Chords, Music Gin Rummy and Poker, or any game you like. This helps you learn - and become comfortable with - the 12 unique tones and their wide variety of combinations. Each card contains the frequency of the tone and the major or minor scale and chord built off that tone. Black suits have major scales and chords; red suits have minor scales and chords. The deck is completed with "K"nowledge cards and jokers with music and game related reference notes


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